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What is IdeaBoosterLab?

IdeaBoosterLab will help you grow your entrepreneurial idea or business

IdeaBoosterLab  merges the academic excellence of Bocconi University (Italy) and Bayes Business School (London), to offer a cutting-edge business development course. IdeaBoosterLab is a training programme intended to advance the entrepreneurial capabilities of start-ups and early stage ventures. It is designed to support decision making and exploit innovative business opportunities.

The programme will start with 7 interactive sessions, led by experienced instructors and mentors, followed by exclusive monthly events that will focus on key managerial and entrepreneurial issues


Why IdeaBoosterLab?

Why IdeaBoosterLab?

IdeaBoosterLab is an entrepreneurship training programme offered by top business schools, recognized worldwide for their expertise in the field. It offers cutting-edge business and entrepreneurial knowledge aimed at empowering businesses. The training is offered free of charge as part of a research programme, during which our team will regularly be in touch to get some updates on your business. Information will be anonymised, not shared with other parties and used exclusively in aggregated form.  

6 reasons to choose IdeaBoosterLab

Free Training

The training and the events of IdeaBoosterLab are completely free of charge and open to the whole entrepreneurial team.

Experienced Instructors


All the training sessions will be held by experienced instructors who will teach you about cutting-edge business methods and offer mentorship.

Practical Training

​All sessions will be hands-on and interactive.

You will learn how to master innovative tools to improve your decision-making and business practices.

Final Demo Day

​​At the end of the programme, you can candidate your business for the Final Demo Day, where you will pitch your idea to investors and experienced professionals.

Monthly Events


You will have the chance to join exclusive events, webinars, workshops and monthly bootcamps held by recognised experts in the management fields.


You will receive an official certificate of attendance at the end of the programme.



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The Programme

IdeaBoosterLab combines a practical and dynamic approach to business with rigorous methodologies developed in partnership with academics and business experts in management, entrepreneurship and strategy.

The programme involves fully fledged business support programme, which includes 7 highly interactive and practical sessions and regular exclusive events. 

During this training, you will learn how to develop your business and how to  master practical decision-making tools. You will also learn how to identify consumer needs and evaluate the potential of your strategy.

This experience will enable you to develop your novel ideas and improve your business practices from the very first session.

Dates and Location

The programme comprises 7 meetings, each one lasting 3 hours (from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.), which will be held in London. 
The programme will be delivered in two streams:














  Participants will be either allocated to Stream 1 or Stream 2. Unfortunately, due to logistical reasons, it won't be possible to choose one or the other. These dates are potentially subject to minor changes.


Apply Now

In four simple steps

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Submit a short description of your idea (Pitch)

Complete an online/phone interview with our Programme Assistants

Application Deadline: January 24, 2022

We still welcome late applications past the above deadline, as we will be finalizing the review of all the applications on January 31

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